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A-Reece - And I'm Only 21 (EP)

and im only 21.png


The Wrecking Crew's headline artist is back with a solo project after the release of The Government's compilation and it has the type of sound that has become a leitmotif for the Crew in recent times. 

And I'm Only 21's intro seems to pay homage to the classic "PMW" joint by someone many have suggested is the father of the modern day rap game, Lil Wayne. "Holding Hands" plays subsequent to the intro and features the type of catchy hook that Reece has become well known for.

"Karma" is a two-part vibey track that could surely have his fans loving the creativity of the Pretoria native. The second of those parts has a very similar composition to the song that comes after it, namely "Sunday Night." 3two1, Ecco and I.M.P. offer guest vocals to give the calming and sensual song an event better sound.


Finally, Reece gives us the backpack joint classic rap fans would have been waiting for in this project. His lethal flows and the simple yet evocative beat make "To The Top Please" a Hip-Hop head's treasure.

Altogether, the song's on #AIO21 have this indescribable unity as they tie together. In the beginning, it has this foreign island beach vibe to it that makes the project a great listen. Fully deserving of 4 mics out-of 5.

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