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A-Reece - Reece Effect

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Arguably one of the best talents to come out of Pitori, A-Reece gave his fans a soundtrack for his annual birthday celebration titled Reece Effect.


The first notable hit from the project features his longtime friend, Wordz. On Masquerade Party, the RubberBand Gang associate raps “If you don’t pay me money, better pay me some respect!” And you know what... you know what??? That’s something we should all live by. 


Reece features more of his friends on Fear No Man and it was crazy how the sold out crowed at the show rapped along when he said “...THAT ISH DON’T MAKE ME WHO I AM. THAT ISH DON’T MAKE ME REAL!!!”.


Longtime contributor, Ex Global has a guest verse along with Wordz on Strange Habits on which Reece makes clear his ambition to have a house in Calabasas.


The beach or holiday theme evident in the production of Reece Effect presents itself on several of the songs on the project like on We Both Know. SNF covered a similar vibe he had on And I’m Only 21 (the EP preceding this album). 


Fate Interlude reminds longtime A-Reece fans of his talent when it comes to spitting pure bars. It’s only 1:21 minutes long but you can’t help but repeat it as he raps “L.O.V.E. - Loyalty Over Vanity and Envy...” SNF was fortunate enough to be present at his very first show in 2014 where he grew up and to see him become so important in the game and hosting a sold out show for his birthday is nothing short of miraculous.


Girls Got Dreams and Last Resort are his offerings to his female fans and we can tell you that even the fellas appreciate his efforts.

Last on the menu for Reece Effect is the leading single titled Honest. Loyalty seems to be something very important to the young artist - from saying he can’t go anywhere without his soldiers to stating that all he wants is honesty, he goes out of his way to illustrate that no one should ever cross him.

Watching the new breed of rappers in South Africa has been a marvel. No one is a truer depiction of what you can achieve at an early age with diligence and talent than A-Reece. To this effect, SNF proudly gives his soundtrack 4 mics out of 5.

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