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Anatii - IYEZA

anatii iyeza.png


After dropping a very successful collaborative project with AKA last year, Anatii proves is own ability by giving us an incredible and incomparable project that does not contain even a single feature. We had to listen to this to validate if vele Iyeza...

The wedding-song vibe on the intro to this project is sure to make it a hit all over South Africa. "Wena" is an example of the versatility that Anatii can display at any given moment. He slows down the tempo a tad on "Ngozi" to tell people of the dangers of owing money to loan sharks or mashonisas before he brings it back up with "Ehlatini" - a declaration of the never-ending struggle of city-life. His voice is truly a South African treasure that we should enjoy as much as we can.

"Ndaweni" continues on the same wave as "Ehlateni" but this time, the beauty of the song is coupled with the theme of the party in the lyrics. Nearly halfway through the album and one could declare this the best album of the year!

The topics of love and youth are again explored on "U Sangthanda Na?" and "Vuka." 

Trappers and trapstars are not forgotten on Iyeza. "Ntloni," "God My Best Friend," and the hit single "Thixo Onofefe" all have the kind of sound young cool kids are looking and going crazy for.

Anatii delivered one of the strongest projects of the year. The varying sounds that can be heard are not only proof of his talent but also his diligence. It is for this reason that Iyeza gets a deserved 5 mics out-of 5.

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