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Rowlene - The Evolution of a Robot: The 2nd Generation

rowlene evolution.png


One of the game’s most promising voices, Rowlene dropped an album that we can’t stop listening to! 

We love it when beautiful and strong women work together to make something incredible and that’s precisely what happened at the beginning of the project. Rowlene called up Nadia Nakai for a swag track the ladies with the good hair will adore. 


The "Tall Racks Records" signee then slowed it down with love songs in “Cupid”, “Without you” (featuring Kane), “Space” with Crowned Yung, and 143 with Ivyson - Nasty C (what a great listen by the way). The pop star then does her genre justice with a song that features another renowned spitter, Bigstar Johnson. 

One of our favorite bops from “The Evolution of a Robot” is “One Two Step”. There’s just something about that rhythmic electronic sound we can’t get enough of. Lastee provides guest vocals to let people know they should stop wasting time if they feel each other’s vibes. Tellaman, Gemini Major and A-Reece also give us feature verses later on in the project but it’s KiD-X’s inclusion on “Escape” that really takes the cup. Rowlene singing “Now you got me and you caught me red handed...” reminds us of a particular single that gives 90s babies nostalgia.

Arguably the best song from the project is however one in which the lovely lady works solo. “I see temptation and it’s written on your face...” sang in the most seductive voice is how Rowlene got us hook, line and sinker on “Temptation”.

All in all, “The Evolution of a Robot...” is a soothing listen. Come on, who doesn’t love love songs? We surely do so we give Rowlene 3.5 mics out-of 5 for this one.

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