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DJ Speedsta - Bottlebrushstr




Since he burst into it, DJ Speedsta has been a fixture spinner in South Africa’s entertainment industry. Not only has he been a renowned DJ (winning a South African Hip-Hop award for the DJ of the year back in 2016) but he has also featured as a presenter on Vuzu, Channel O and Live Amp. He recently dropped a respectable project in “Bottlebrushstr” to remind people that he’s definitely more than just a Jack of all trades.


Speedsta did not hold back any punches on the project as he enlisted the timeless penmanship of Stogie T on only the second track of the project titled, “Vicky.” The song also features vocal work from the rising star that is Jay Claude. In fact, a lot of the great tracks have artists known for singing on the hook so that everyone can focus on what they’re good at (as opposed to people who can’t sing at all forcing the “unfostable”). Another example of this is Mr. Keep Love Young, KLY on “Talking” with Zingah and Chang Cello. 


“Mind Your Own” is without a doubt our favorite track on Bottlebrushstr. Hearing the beat incites you. The catchy hook by Tellerman excites you. Before you know it, you’re singing the wrong lyrics with confidence. Crownedyoung raps at the end to finish off a sleek record that people sitting shotgun in the whip should blast at the maximum volume.


Okmalumkoolkat and Speedsta have a urban hit in “Combos Communicating.” Since 2018, the phrase has become part of our ever-changing slang. This provides a fantastic example of how influential Hip-Hop has become in the country.


“So much sauce. I don’t trust these h*es, they come and go.” One of Speedsta’s most frequent collaborators, Yung Swiss, features on “Naughty.” The style he approached it with is very characteristic of the Yung Nation leader. Seemingly drug-induced, cool rhymes on a banger of a beat. 


J Molley, Frank Casino and the neighbourbood friendly dealer, Zoocci Coke Dope, feature on the now popular “I don’t know.” Including Frank Casino, Yung Swiss and Tellerman was a brilliant sentiment from Speedsta. These are of course the artists that featured on the DJ’s most prominent hit, “Mayo” (minus Shane Eagle). “Mayo” was justifiably added as the ninth and final track on the project.


All in all, the project provides a good listen for lovers of the modern South African Hip-Hop genre. So much so, that it gets 3.5 mics out of 5 from us. Keep killing em, suhn.

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