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Emtee - D.I.Y. 2 EP



Emtee tha Hustler came back with a new project after the success of his sophomore album "Manando." D.I.Y. 2 is an EP which again showcases the rapper's singing and rapping dexterity.


The first song  after the intro is catchy and wavey. In fact, we often hear ourselves singing "Fugeyzi... Fugeyzi!!!" out of the blue. "Abantu" has a more vernacular yet still fetching hook and features vocal work from S'Villa and Snymaan. Is this exemplary of true South African Hip-Hop? They call themselves "ATM" afterall...

D.I.Y. 2's title track is one that trappers will most probably adore. "Bring it Back" is similar to it in the confidence exuded through the rhymes the African Trap Music General spits. The way Saudi, another ATM original, sings "Ain't nothing like that feeling when you know. There's no other place I'd rather be in this world" makes "Fall Off" truly worth a listen. With each passing song, it seems as if Emtee makes songs for trappers to sing along to. We love it no matter what the intention is, though. "Go on" is a sort of hustlers anthem that has the same style as "Fall off." It could be perceived as a joint for keeping on keeping on. There is also a mention of his homie SK on the joint (Saudi did the same on his own album). 

"Umpako" and "I need love" seem to be attempts at songs for the ride-or-dies. What is humorous is, Emtee also includes a song for whatever the opposite of a ride-or-die is on "Uzobuya." His melodies on that particular song are nothing short of superb. Protect this young man at all costs. 


Finally, we have what has been the theme of this project in catchiness and confidence. On "Keep it 100," Saudi delivers a feature again and its as incredible as it always is. The African Trap Music sound is remarkable. We need more of this to cement South Africa's place in the continental and global Hip-Hop market. 4.5 mics out-of 5! No cap!

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