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Flame - Germander

flame germander.png

One of the game’s hottest acts is back!!!


Flame has proved himself to be one of the nation’s most recognizable hit makers and he does not disappoint on the Germander EP.


He starts the project off with something we can say is Jus’ an Intro in which he states his companion should let him love her the way she wants him to. 


After serenading his partner on the first track, he makes sweet love to her on Serenade. I mean, who wouldn’t love this music? “Ain’t no need to be nervous baby, just work it. I heard they tellin’ stories but to me you’re perfect.” Ecco also delivers a solid guest verse the ladies will probably also love. The video for the song is just as amazing as the song is. Peep game on YouTube and let us know what you think.


A much slower Long Overdue comes near the end of the project in which he states how much he has been thinking about his companion. Why was she making him wait so long? We will never know...


As a farewell, Jus’ an Outro is focused on something we here at SNF really appreciate - consent. No one should start doing anything without the expressed consent from whoever they are hoping to engage in activities with. 


Germander in its entirety is a very short but sweet ode to the act of making love (but a trap infused version of that). Serenade as the lead single really stands out and it’s part of the reason the project gets 3.5 mics from us.

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