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Ginger Trill - PIF

ginger trill pif.jpg

"The Trillest of Them All."


Firstly, for context, we here at have been fans before he was officially Trill. This was way back on the Full Clip when he was still a Breadman. Fast forward to a decade later and he has grown into one of the most respected rappers in the country. On the EP, PIF, he reminds us why we have stood as passionate supporters all this time.


On the first song, he spits about how he has to make sure his Mama Right. The more religious of the populous will know that honouring your parents is a commandment. We believe the best way to do that is to excel in what you are passionate about and Trilly is doing just that.


A style Ginger Trill has perfected is delivering meaningful yet sweet sounding lyrics on songs for the ladies. He proves that on both Lisa’s Smile and Bad. "Bad to the bone. I got word that you back in your zone." His cool-kid aura always emerges through his music.  Both the singles have so much repeat value that you would be excused for listening to them the whole day.


The title track closes off the EP with the same lethal bars the Rookie-of-the-Year turned Lyricist-of-the-Year has always supplied his listeners.


PIF sounds like a gift from Trilly to his loyal fanbase and since we are part of it, we cannot help but applaud him. The project gets 3.5 mics from us here at

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