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Huey - Luv Yourself

chasing magic art.jpeg

An exciting talent from the purple city.


Pretoria has quickly become the hub of entertainment in South Africa. The talents of young acts such as Focalistic and Mass The Difference have become nearly impossible to ignore. COVID-19 has ensured that everyone stayed indoors and glued to the several screens they possess - either in their pockets or whatever their furniture is pointed at. This meant the youth whom social media has become a home to would look in the direction of their favorite artist's pages for entertainment and I doubt they were disappointed.


Eager stars of tomorrow used this chance to release a lot of online content to fill the figurative bellies of hungry consumers. One such star is none other than the Magic Man himself - Huey. On 10 April 2020, he released his long awaited LP, Chasing Magic. "Luv Yourself" appeared to be the leading single from the project and we feature a short but expressive video of Huey performing it at the Spring Rag Music Festival.

We hope we'll be able to sit down with the Magic Man soon to talk about him, his place in the universe that is the game, and everything in between. For now, stream Chasing Magic from the following link and enjoy the video below!

Huey - Chasing Magic:

*Video courtesy of Artsol Studios and Wiisaw Magic

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