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KiD X - Thank Da King

kid-x thank da king.jpeg


Mfana Ka Aunty finally delivered his debut album. We were not surprised that the double disk and its associated artwork has justifiably been cause for a buzz since it dropped. 

The 10-year veteran boss from RapLyf, Kwesta, features on the first notable song from the LP titled "Ipati." Songs such as these make it clear that X is truly at home and making the type of music he always desired to. 


"I'm on This Paper" is a hustler's song about how people who do not believe in you may try to block your blessings or assume you would never make it but you can still persevere and conquer. We hope this could be in the running for a single because of the relatable message it carries. "Mzala Wam" has a similar but more trappy theme.  The hook on this joint is hard not to sing along to after hearing X exclaiming "Father, pray for me!" 

A beautiful rap song can be heard in "Jakalas". The RapLyf spitter positioned this as the last song on the first of two disks and the beat does actually have an outro vibe to it. He uses the end of it to mention what he wanted to be while he was growing up. Now, we can hear that he's all grown up and arguably became something even better.

The lead single from the LP and source of X's newfound nickname, "Aunty" has the hood Hip-Hop vibe that the artist has become well known for. "Plaak" and "Sisi" share a similar sound to the now hit single with the latter featuring N'Veigh and Maggz.

KiD X avoids the neglect of trappers by also including a song with a heavy influence of one of the most prominent producers in the game right now - Zoocci Coke Dope. "Medicated" also features SA Hip-Hop legends Stogie T and Da L.E.S. The ever reliable bars by Stogie, swag by L.E.S. and beat by Zoocci nearly guarantee that this should be a hit.

"Starlight" is the actual outro of Thank Da King (as opposed to the intermission which was "Jakalas") and it truly brings an aura of completion and achievement. Listening to this outro convinced us that X is going to do even bigger things than he already has.

As a long time Kid X supporter, it is really heartwarming to hear him making beautiful Hip-Hop songs on a body of work. The several featured acts on this project truly showed up and helped make this debut one of the best in recent times. This project gets a solid 3.5 mics out-of 5. Come on now! Let's all Thank Da King!

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