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KLY - Keep Love Young

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One of South Africa’s best Trapsoul artists released one of the best projects of the genre of 2018. Keep Love Young may seem to start of slow but it truly gains pace after some time.


From “Go Away” with former label mate, Priddy Ugly, one can hear the intricate beats that the likes of producers such as Wichi 1080 have become well known for. Another feature follows from Ycee on “Local.” KLY’s ever so sweet melodies give the song an incredible repeatability factor.


“Girl, do you feel my finesse?” is the pertinent question on track 8 that anyone would want their partner to answer in the affirmative. One may claim that “Finesse” is too short at two and a quarter minutes but the point might have been to make it short and sweet after all. Furthermore, “Suppose” plays for more than double that time to appease any who feel hard done by.


On “Patience”, KLY continues to impress by combining relatable lyrics and a perfectly matching voice with befitting production. The result is a magnificent R&B song that will have lovers feeling served. 


We hardly get to hear KLY singing in vernacular so to hear “Umbuzo” is refreshing to say the least. 


“Red Forest” has a more trappy sound to it (hence the trap soul categorization). This is also evident on the last song on Keep Love Young - a much more mellowed and slowed song titled “Been a While”.


All in all, Keep Love Young is a fantastic listen to make a fan out of anyone. Fully deserving of 3.5 mics out-of 5.

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