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L-Tido - 16

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Undoubtedly one of the legends of South African Hip-Hop, L-Tido dropped a solid album to announce his return to the game that might have missed him oh so dearly.

This is illustrated on the first single from the album - titled 'I'm Back'. The song features singer T. Phoenix and is fitting for something to initiate a hard comeback for a rapper. One thing that becomes evident through the progression of the project is the sure quality of the production. The producers from 16 should be very impressed with themselves because the sound is incredible. 'Regular Drip' is an example of one of the songs with noteworthy production. Zoocci Coke is on everybody's album these days and we could not be happier for him.

Another single with notable production is one receiving great airplay in the summer time. 'No Favors' features Tido's one-time rival, AKA. The hook is so catchy, its near impossible to hear the first line and not start singing along. We are glad to see that people can move on from a dispute to a tribute over time.

L-Tido voices a Letter to the Game on track 7 from 16. It has a somewhat boombap sound about it and we here at snf. believe that is one of the fundamental sounds of Hip-Hop. There are a few gems in the lines to this song if you listen carefully... Hit us up with any of your favorites!

Much like K.O did on his Two-Piece project, Tido managed to get both the north and south poles on the same body of work. The beef between Cassper and AKA has been the topic of conversation for so many years and does not seem to be approaching its end any time soon. Getting them both on a project might give listeners an added reason to listen on which of the two songs they prefer. Cassper's submission to this end is 'Zilele' which is a hard joint for the trappers. Which of 'No Favors' and 'Zilele' do you favor? Let us know!

Since this review began with the proclamation of L-Tido's legendary status, it makes sense to end it with a song titled "Real Ones Left". The song itself is beautiful and could be appreciated by any true Hip-Hop fan. The message the song carries could also be applied to any individual who questions whether or not the people around them are sincere or not.

On the whole, L-Tido really has delivered a great project that his fans will certainly vibe to. The concern is that the modern day listener may not appreciate it as much as they should. However, it is still worth a solid 3 mics out-of 5.

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