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Mashbeatz - Thanks For Nothing

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The title track of this compilation by Mashbeatz and TWC well and truly stands out. It features someone fans from Pitori will promise you is the underrated golden-boy of South African Hip-Hop at the moment - A-reece. Flame also delivers  a characteristic vibey verse which hints that this heater was recorded not too long after the "House Party" visit to the TWC Mansion by Barcadi, rapping "Barcadi inside the crib. So I don't have time to chill." This is the joint you play leaving the crib knowing you are about to f**k some ish up.

"Tamatie Gang" representatives, B3nchMarq, appear on the third song from #TFN. PJay has a verse to look out for on this one. His flow is too much to handle. With that said, look out for their debut album titled "We Had Hope" and tell us what you think.

Flame again shows us why he's catching so much heat on "Baby." We can't help but roll our shoulders whenever we listen to the track. "Can I See You Again" and "She Wanna Bite" share some similarities with "Baby" - the difference being that a large number of the roster gets a say in songs seemingly meant for the ladies.

The Crew also makes jam-worthy luggage for backpackers in "Love & Kare," "On God," "Control Your Emotions," and "Less is More." A conjunction of three songs can be heard in "Just 10 Minutes of Your Time" which is similar to the previously mentioned tracks. The Government's cabinet members can be heard using different flows for different vibes on the 10-minute-long song.

Another joint that is partly backpack and partly Reece seeming to respond to this or the other acquaintance is "Smmr 18." We are surprised social media fanatics have not made their guesses on to whom the song is directed a trending conversation on Twitter...

"Collec' Call" featuring Reece sums things off on #TFN. This was a single dropped as what may now be perceived as a teaser for the TWC compilation. 

All in all, we here over at snf. give this project 4 mics out-of 5. This is mainly due to the versatile styles illustrated by the members of the Crew and solid introductions to more recent additions to TWC. What are your thoughts?

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