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A Rollercoaster Love

With the month of love well past us, the season of making love is nearing with each passing week. Leaves are falling to the earth as people begin falling out of love and the weather seems to align with this line of thought. Some enjoy summer flings whilst other romance winter tings. Either way, being stuck all by your lonesome is rarely a feeling to yearn for - no matter the season. Being alone is the colder yet less cool alternative to having someone by your side - who makes you feel all warm inside.

You of course need to set the mood to properly enjoy your night in - even if you're in by yourself. An essential ingredient to this, is your playlist.

Artists have spent a lot of time neglecting the subject over the past few years. On G.O.M.D, J. Cole elucidated it best when he stated "...It's called love. Ninjas don't really sing about it no more." For a while, it seemed like sensual songs about a special someone were taboo.

We believe this is a thing of the past. Maybe a Good Samaritan took a sho't-left to the neighborly friendly sangoma and appeased those before us who were unhappy with our shenanigans. It is needless to say we have been blessed with talented Hip-Hop/R&B artists who have injected a modern twist into the life that is the genre.

Previously, there were more songs about going out than staying in. But where do we spend most of our time? We’d say indoors. We don't have to go around the world to discover that there's no place like home.

In Mzansi, singers like Dotcom, Ferdy Ferd and Tee-Pee had seemed to be more than a tad unappreciated. Now, the game has finally allowed singers like: Sjava; Shekhinah; Tellaman; Tshego; Yung Swiss and many more to not only make a name for themselves but a living as well. It's not just rappers that get the shine anymore. There's room for various types of artists to prosper now unlike before when only a select few would be "chosen".

Some might argue that there are too many people trying to make music now, but we argue that there aren't enough. The game is finally in a good place where there's sufficient demand and supply. So many talented individuals have dreams that never see the light of day because they are different from everyone else's.

We say, let the growth continue and the art live forever.

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