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Delawness - From Jamaica to the World

The Information Age has virtually erased the boundaries that used to separate us. The advent of social media has made it easier for users from faraway lands to communicate in real time. Adding that to the extensive mobility that has exponentially increased the rates of physical interaction between residents of distant nations means we can create vast networks that spread, not only to neighbouring countries, but farther continents.

Living through the COVID-19 pandemic has presented people with their fair share of trepidation, but some artists have taken advantage of the opportunities in working remotely through social media.

One such artist is the undoubtedly adept Delawness from Montego Bay, Jamaica. With artistic aptitude in fashion and music, he has been able to couple his interests to form a self-titled entity that helps him express himself effectively.

Loop Jamaica News has documented his ever-growing reputation with dancehall/reggae stars and corporate companies as a collaborator of the highest order. His audience reach has also been perceptible in South Africa, with his single Introspeq (featuring Yasi B) peaking at #33 on Mzansi’s iTunes.

We had a mini interview with the artist regarding his work. His responses can be read below:

Q1) How have you adapted your work and standard operating procedures during the pandemic?

A1) Adapting to adverse situations is what we humans do best. As an artist I think the pandemic has led me on a path of self discovery, I also use this time to plan and focus more on the vision, dreams, goals and aspirations I want to accomplish after this trial.

Q2) Can you mention why/when you started trying to reach a global audience?

A2) Ever since I started off designing, my work was already popping globally, especially with social media marketing, this brings my work to new eyes across the globe. This led from one project to another designing brand identity systems , album art for various brands, artists, fashion designers across four continents. My reason for reaching a global audience is that I believe there are a lot more people whose work can be of inspiration to be a better person or simply overcoming an episode of depression or struggle with self discovery. I believe my story is one for the youths especially with hopes that my pain can also help you to find peace and happiness from that of which I share through my art and music.

Q3) Do you have plans of collaborating outside of Jamaica (if in South Africa, do you have any notable artists you would like to work with)?

A3) Yes, I have big plans for collabs in the future. I've already made a few connections, especially in South Africa. I don't wanna say too much until it happens but I am definitely optimistic about my future projects.

Q4) Do you contextualise your work to appeal to a specific audience or local area, or do you rather prefer to work on more generic work that everyone can relate to?

A4) I create my work from my life experiences, my truth. The aim is for it to connect with people who are struggling with similar struggles like those of my own and be that light in a dark tunnel for those in search of a light.

Q5) The single sounds incredible. A song that is both lovely and timeless. What’s coming next for you?

A5) I am looking forward to successfully launching Introspeq in full and also delivering my next project, second single soon.

We are excited to see and hear more from Delawness in future. The link to the timeless single mentioned is below:

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