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Delawness - London Emerald

Time only marches forward. You could turn the hands of a clock back as you wish, but that will never reverse it. It is then important to mind what has happened in the past, whilst focusing on the future to ensure we do better going forward. This is especially notable today, the last day of the year.

Delawness provides us with an excellent chance to do just that. In our first article on the artist, we introduced him to many a future fan in the South African online space. Not too long after this, he travelled all the way to another market he would love to reach - London, England.

It was from there that he released London Emerald, his latest project. “Designed in London, inspired by two cultures, designed with passion for those who dare to chase their dreams.” This is the description found on his own webpage for his brand.

Delawness is a multi-talented artist. He used this fact to design and create the info-graphic posters, stickers and clothing for London Emerald. All this comes as a package with the music he released with a visualiser to seal off the project.

The Jamaican is truly becoming an international brand to be reckoned with. As this is the last day of the year, we are thrilled to see which direction he will be marching in for the next year.

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