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Magic Shows - The Hangout PTA: Season 1 Review

“…And on the seventh day, they rested… or maybe not.”

Sunday vibes have become something of a tradition in Pretoria with the rise in demand of a “chillas” type of atmosphere. The club scene has had a rather stagnant development in recent years and that has created room for young entrepreneurs to establish invigorating events that steer away from the age old concept of club-hopping. Such events have great minimalism associated with them: a DJ or two to play the tunes; people to provide the food plus the drinks; and a whole lot of strangers to be strangers no more. Couple all this with a breathtakingly beautiful outdoor surrounding and you have an alluring affair for people to hang. “The Hangout: PTA” offers all that and more.

It goes from chillas...

Honestly, anxiety thickened the air the first time we made the trip to the secluded location in the east of Pretoria. Fortunately, drives with good music and even better company calm one towards and passed the point of anticipation. The Hangout team provides transport from several locations in Pretoria to free willing attendants from the worry of logistics to and from the event. It’s difficult not to smile upon arrival. You’re greeted with a sign that reads “Venue @ 50” but the real beauty is seen upon driving inside the venue itself where several animal enclosures surround a serene setting. Seeing the various animals that call the venue home would make an instagrammer feel right at home as well. There is a pond with a bridge that ducks and their cute ducklings often swim under in a manner so adorable, a newborn baby would envy. As the venue’s name suggests, numerous species of birds and monkeys welcome visitors whom would find interest in taking pictures with them (the monkeys can’t talk of course but maybe the parrots will exchange a “Fede?” with you).

drinkers drinkers...

Once you choose which of the well spread out tables your company will be sharing, the festivities can truly begin. A jovial employee normally asks if your group would like to order food (we suggest you do because drinking on an empty stomach is a horrible idea). They have a bar with variants of “sauce” for anyone who might require liquid courage to socialize with both friends and strangers. It’s a Sunday vibe so the DJ makes sure to play the kind of music that you could just sit and bob your head to. Someone might shout out the lyrics of some throwbacks now and again and you are welcome to join them (I am that someone. That someone is me).

gamers gamers...

After you’re set up and at ease, you can decide to partake in the many board and party games The Hangout provides. From FIFA tournaments, to classics like Beer Pong and Twister or even the ever so popular 30 Seconds, you are sure to have an incredible time and meet the most fascinating characters in Pitori.


As of late, Pretoria has been the subject of a lot of discussion and planning in the entertainment industry. This has done wonders for its appeal and those that live in the city. The residents are very supportive so if you bring quality ideas here, people are sure to help make those ideas worthwhile endeavours. The Hangout is a great example of this and its only had one season. How many are planned for the future, we can’t be certain. However, one thing is for sure, Our Weekends will never be the same.

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