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Family Is Life

It has been quite some time since we shared heartwarming visual art with the world. Well, we are getting back to that with this magnificent painting by Polo.

When he was working on this piece, he wanted to capture the essence of family. The subjects of the painting are his friend's children, but he shares an adoration for them as if they are his own. He notes that these adorable babies will one day grow to become moody teens who think everything their elders say is questionable - even though they know those statements are made with love and in their best interest.

This work is meant to commemorate the beauty of family and to capture the purity of life through the eyes of a child. Genuine joy is often lost to us when we get older, but through the windows of a youngling, life is an ever-lasting adventure.

Polo felt that it was his main prerogative to encapsulate that feeling to ensure it could be remembered forever. We hope you can appreciate his intentions and remember your own childhood whenever you see this image.

Tell us what you think of this exquisite piece in the comments!

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