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Hangout in a Mansion

Groove is back in full force.

The event presents a wide range of activities for attendees.

Back when life made sense and pandemics were only discussed in foreign news or biology books, snf wrote a review on The Hangout to give future patrons FOMO. Well, the joke’s on us because we all find ourselves living in a pandemic now, but since the president of South Africa announced that the country would be moving to Level 1 of Lockdown, The Hangout organisers put together another installment to celebrate with Pitori’s finest.

Nuevo and the rest of the Hangout team visited the venue the day before for all those last minute spot checks and it looked astonishing. We were lucky enough to get the quick peep below and we are sure everyone gained excitement when they saw it too.

The venue had a beautiful natural setting outside.
The venue was also breathtaking inside with an indoor pool.

On the day of the event itself, the weather was blissful with a smiling sun and smiling early birds too. This turned to the venue flooding with patrons dressed to the nines. It also unfortunately, turned into a flood of rainfall in the early evening so everyone had to be moved inside. This was, however, not a train smash because the venue was just as alluring inside as it was outside.

We were all smiles on arrival.
Sun's out, fun's out.
Everyone was dressed to impress.

Normally, event organisers are incredibly stressed on the day of a show, but this was a rare event with everyone enjoying it from start to finish. There were of course your run-of-the-mill late artist arrivals. Eskom also had to have their presence felt... by taking away the electricity (the irony is not lost on us). Their efforts (or lack thereof) put a stop sign on what would have been a “cherry-on-top” performance by Focalistic. However, Lesedithedj provided necessary redemption with the same kind of amazing set his name is becoming synonymous with countrywide.

An impressive place to Hangout.
Pitori is the best country in South Africa.
Lesedithedj killed it on the decks.

In its entirety, Hangout in a Mansion was the kind of event people had been begging to attend all year. The general rule is you either come with friends to have a lovely time with, or you make lifelong friends there (we can vouch for this). So, okay, shap. The question is simple. When will we Hangout again?

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