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"Petunia" an illustration by Sizwe.
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Sizwe gave us something more textual and argumentative this time.

Titled “Petunia,” this piece gave us reason to do more research than we usually do.

The artist using black and white as the shading for the subject yet colouring the flowers themselves is a nod to how petunias belong to the family nightshade. Some of the flowers even produce substances that protect themselves against pests and others that may try to harm it. Don’t we all wish we could do that? Think of all those troublesome times you could have avoided just by scaring the offenders away...

Additionally, if sent as a gift, petunias are said to send the message that someone is upset. This makes them communicative as well.

All the insightful facts we discovered about Petunia make us love her more - not just for her beauty, but, for all the qualities she holds within. We here at snf love her, and we hope you love her too.

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