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Red or Blue Pill?

A thought provoking piece by Polo.

A look at "Red or Blue Pill" designed by Polo.
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We here at were fortunate enough to finally score an interview with Polo during the dreaded "lockdown". With one of our trusted art enthusiasts, ON, we got to speak to him about his art and this particular piece stood out.

The polarity between the colours red and blue have been discussed at length before - be it water and fire or calmness and vigor. They are emotive colours which always make a viewer feel one way or the other.

ON made the point that we should not just perceive artwork as spectators but also include the importance of seeing it from the side of the artist. We did just that and Polo loved it. He elucidated on how he chose all the elements that, once put together, made this artwork the marvel that it is.

From Polo's explanation, the focus is an Instagram model he reached out to about working on the piece. Once that was agreed, he used Animation-School-learned skills to bring a duality between what was initially polar, to synergy.

We will post the video of how this came to be later on this website and our forthcoming YouTube channel but for now - we have a question for you. Given the options of revealing an unpleasant truth, or remaining blissfuly ignorant, what would you opt for? That, friends, is the choice between the red or the blue pill.

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