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uBhutWakho - The Brother You Didn't Know You Needed

People have varying views on what makes one a creative. Some may say that these are the peculiar-dressing people in class that always seem more colourful than any "normal" person should be. Others may state that creatives are those that spent their time freestyling over dustbin-beats or drawing clothes and Dragon Ball Z characters instead of paying attention in school.

Art presents itself in a myriad of forms, so it cannot be confined to fit overly-specified boundaries. A creative could easily be someone who has an artistic idea and makes something notable from it. We believe that the noun contains the simplest way to identify a creative - someone with the ability to create. Their creations may be items others are already familiar with, or pieces that amalgamate to form entirely new mosaics. Having the talent to compile varying forms of art to eventually bring life to a single body of work is special. uBhutWakho is special.

He is not only a graphic designer - he is a photographer and a musician as well. It does not take too much thought to imagine how all those pieces may fit together (like the before mentioned mosaic). uBhutWakho recently released a project titled "C.C Tapes" with hints at a forthcoming album. We communicated with him to get the general feel around C.C Tapes as well as the man-behind-the-music. We will also be sitting down with him soon to discuss his album closer to its release. His responses to a few questions and the links to his project are below.

Q1: “Hello! Hi, motherf*cker!

Okay, let’s get serious. You’ve mentioned to us before that you do your own graphics. What was the idea behind the direction to make the artwork for this project?”

A1: “I was visiting my boy out in CPT earlier in the year, and we did a mini shoot this one morning in his backyard. So I took some of those pictures and started playing around. The artwork for “C.C. Tapes” was initially supposed to be a cover for “Links”, to drop as a single. But, after some time, my release strategy changed, so I also had to change the cover. I was a fan of that particular picture because it embodies the spirit and energy I’ve got going on in the project. There’s a lot of intensity *in* the music, and I wanted that same intensity to resonate on the cover too.”

Q2: “You seem to have a solid team behind you which is allowing you to express yourself extensively. How did you guys come together to make this project?”

A2: “My team is comprised of people I’ve been talking to and working with for the last couple of years now, but the main basis of that connection is the fact that we’re all just friends with a common goal.

So, with putting together my EP, it was easy to have the necessary conversations to make it work - because we understand each other as friends, as creatives, as business associates, etc.

I was able to receive good and bad criticism, in a constructive manner, which allowed me to execute at a higher level than what I had just planned for myself. So, having that love and support system, within my work environment, allows me to deliver work that’s beyond just my imagination - and that’s beautiful, to say the least.”

Q3: “How would you say you have progressed from the previous work you’ve done up to now having a team for C.C Tapes?”

A3: “I still hold a lot of the reigns when it comes to my work, but with a team at my disposal - I don’t have to do *all* the thinking and I don’t have to do *all* the planning because I’ve got people around who I don’t only have to ask, but are here and willing to help me, and get me to where I want to be - and beyond.

It makes for a better workflow and an easier conscience because not everything rests on my shoulders, all the time.”

Q4: “You’ve spent so much time recording and you nearly have a huge database of music. What made you decide to add these songs to C.C Tapes instead of your other songs?”

A4: “Before C.C. Tapes, I wanted to do this mini guerrilla campaign to drop a song every Friday of June. But once I had a few conversations with my team, the better idea was to drop a full package and rather build a campaign for that.

So, with that in mind, the music I had already come up with by that time was what I had written and recorded sometime after my CPT trip (where I took the pictures). After tightening up the ends on those songs, I was able to put out something to introduce not only me as uBhutWakho, but also to establish the beginning of a story.

Q5: “As an add on to the previous question, take us through the story you’re telling on this project.”

A5: “Within the writing process of “C.C. Tapes”, I was going through this phase of intense emotions - whether they were good or bad. But the same time, in the lyrics I wrote in all these themes about how I want to make it and how I want financial gain/stability so badly. After putting it all together, I came to realize that I’m talking about my process and feelings, whilst in the process of working on my album.

And thus, “C.C Tapes” is this story of intense ups and downs, the battle between self-doubt and self-acceptance, and my expression of just how much I want my pursuit in a career of music to work out for me.”

Q6: “Will C.C Tapes tie into the album or will they be completely different?”

A6: “Some of the themes and feelings I talk about in “C.C. Tapes” will definitely be present in the coming album. I like to look at “C.C. Tapes” as my trailer to the album.

Even sonically, “C.C. Tapes” is slowly moving away from being just my producer’s production, but mine as well. I’m starting to introduce my sound and energy, without giving away too much. In of itself, “C.C. Tapes” has its own sound - but that’s not *the* sound.

And so I’m hoping I’ll be able to illustrate that difference when the album finally comes out.”

Q7: “Let’s end of with a question listeners and readers would all be wondering now. What does the “C.C” in the tape stand for?”

A7: “Ha ha… I cannot divulge that information just yet. What I can say is that everything will be clear closer to the album release…”

Well, there you have it! In anticipation of uBhutWakho’s album dropping at some point in the future, stream “C.C Tapes” from the links below.

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