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Shane Eagle - Never Grow Up - EP

shange eagle never grow up.png



Former “The Hustle” contestant, Shane Eagle, finally follows up the award winning album, “Yellow”, with a 7-track backpack  EP. 


“Homework As$ignment” opens things up in a manner several OGs are going to love because of Shane’s application of raps and beats that made the genre so important.


Simple but classic instruments and production seem to be the order of the day on Never Grow Up. Songs like “Chocolate Milk”; “Ronnie Hughes” as well as “Fears & Demons” are examples of how Eagle chooses to place pure raps on clean production. His style is the kind the new generation of artists may be missing due to the heavy influence of trap. 


A song for long car rides exists in the conjunction “Ride Dolo - What You Wanna Be” which several open minded music lovers would adore.


“Purple Rain” contains both rapped and sang vocals to display the artist's extensive repertoire on a beautiful and wavey beat. Our only grievance is that it is too short.


Shane Eagle has proven to be a fixture amongst the new era of South African Hip-Hop’s front runners. Never Grow Up contains the backpack rap that is somewhat missing from the generation’s everyday artist. This coupled with the easygoing Sunday-type beats are why the project merits 4 mics out-of five from us. 

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