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Sjava - Umqhele

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African Trap Music is the order of the day when Ambitiouz artists such as Sjava drop a project. On 14 December 2018, it was just that with the ATM stalwart dropping his sophomore album, Umqhele.


“Abafazi” is a trap song with vernacular vocals that are distinctly South African - wait… is that… African Trap Music (hint hint… nudge nudge)?


A magnificently executed song exists in track 3 - “Linda”. The singing? The instrumental ending? Sjava to South African music is… wait for it… instrumental. This can be said about several other songs on Umqhele such as “Amagama”; “Angik’deli”; “Intombi yami” and so many more.


Features do not disappoint on the album either with the traditional Maskandi sounds of Mzukulu and appearance by Anzo on “Eweni”; Fatso and Bongani Radebe appearing on “Ikhandlela”; Howard of “Ngempela” fame on “Ujesu” and finally, Nue_Sam reciting a poem on “Xola”.


Sjava makes a musical confession on track 7. Many fans may notice that the song also served as the intro to his Umphako EP released several months earlier on 6 July 2018


“Uvalo” serves as a declaration that God has his back, or rather, side? Anyway, it seems factual when one thinks of that BET Viewer’s Choice Award win. He subsequently does a lot of running on the fittingly vibrant “Gijima” before he finally gives thanks on the outro song, “Ngiyabonga”.


Umqhele serves as another enjoyable album from the ATM camp and it’s really looking like they can’t miss a step right now. We give this particular project 3.5 mics out-of 5.

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