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Thato Saul - For God's Sake

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"Raps for The Saul"


Pretoria is finally staking its claim as one of the most talent-saturated cities in the country. A brilliant example of this is none other than Thato Saul. His in-your-face style of rapping and including the local lingo - named Sepitori - in his verses induces a sense of familiarity with everyone in the city.


The MC starts For God’s Sake with Fighting 4 Life. It has all the grimy threats you might hear in the corners of the area he is from. Promises is a much cleaner song that is still very much a head-bobber.


Praises is one of the most acclaimed songs on the project and it has many of the same elements as Fighting 4 Life. When we heard this song, we knew that he was fighting for real. On Scottie Pippen, he shows off the lethality of his pen. That specific track makes us at want to read and hear what everyone else’s favourite song from the project is when it comes to bars. He goes as far as telling a story about one of his affiliates that got arrested for dealing. The reality in his raps make them feel much more genuine than what other artists may be pursuing in music.


For God’s Sake is not short of a sing along either. “Slide for me. Would you… hold me down? Hold me down…?” Those lyrics from Hold Me Down ring in our ears like a school bell when you’re late. The project then closes off with the title track. A great outro with jazz sounds to sooth the Saul. 


Thato Saul represents Pheli on several songs throughout the project and that is part of what makes it feel so real. We feel as if we were in the streets with him when he went through his experiences. That makes us here at give him a deserved 3.5 mics, For God’s Sake.

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