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The Big Hash - Young

the big hash young.jpg

"Teenage Icon!!!"


South African Hip-Hop has had an influx of unbelievably talented young musicians and one of our favorite examples of this is The Big Hash.


SNF was fortunate enough to experience his performance at A-Reece’s annual birthday celebration - Reece Effect. Hash performed several songs from this highly rated debut and the crowd lost their minds when they heard each song. 


Popsnotthefather delivers guest vocals on the  intro song and it’s one you can’t help but sing along to. The notes he hits combined with booming production and Hash’s flow lets listeners know they’re truly in for a treat


Songs like Over and Plug Nice follow to inject the energy you’d want whenever you’re chilling with your crew. One of the best young spitters in the Innanetwav (and the country, to be honest) Solve The Problem gets a feature on the latter to finish off the track.


One of the most popular songs on Young is unarguably Palm Trees (it had a huge advantage by being dropped long before the project came out but still, don’t be a hater). Tshego’s inclusion made the song one of the most notable and we’re glad these young artists came together to give us an addition to all our playlists. 


Another popular song we can’t stop listening to is of course one of the leading singles of the project, Circles. On the hit for the ladies, Hash sings “Round and round in circles. Made me believe I don’t deserve you in actual fact, the first time I curved you...” we dare you to not sing along to that banger. We dare you!!! The Innanetwav showstopper also delivers an additional fix for his female fans with On You.


South Africa, OUR LAND has 2 baby boys apparently. Vigro Deep is one, and Pitori’s treasure, A-Reece is another. The former excited us all by coming with Flame as they delivered guest verses on Outcast. “Baby boy, Big Hash and Fuego. Be honest, how cold are your feet, knicker?!?” We are pretty sure it’ll end up being on of the best Hip-Hop tracks to come out of the country in 2019.

Near the end of the project, Hash gave us SNF’s favorite heater from the project in Ringtone. The song is for anyone who has even been turned down or doubted by potentials who didn’t see their vision. We talk about “repeat value” a lot here on SNF and Ringtone is not short of it.

“It’s going to be the hottest project to ever touch South Africa.” Those are words Hash shared during one of his many interviews and all we want to know is... did he lie? Let us know what you think in the comments! SNF thinks he wasn’t too far off. We give it 4 mics out-of-5.

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