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Yung Swiss - Bottom Baby 2

Yung Swiss Bottom Baby 2.jpg



The Xikwembu/Yung Nation president dropped the sequel to Bottom Baby and it may just be even better than the first one.

“Koffi” is the first noteworthy joint from the project as it features come-up lyrics about starting from the bottom with nothing to becoming something special. 


Singer Astrid Brown appears on the repeatable “Runaway Girl” which has the potential to be a great single. “Changes” comprises of African rhythm sounds of drums and the like with somewhat afrobeat flows.


“Lies (interlude)” ends with a cellphone conversation in which the caller makes statements exemplary of a f*ckboy that many women have incessantly been complaining about. 


It is worth mentioning that DJ Speedsta makes an appearance on “Wavey” and it’s beautiful to see that the pair still work together. Many might remember Yung Swiss’s grand entrance to the game being heavily pushed by Speedsta’s “Mayo.”


Yung Swiss raps on “Dazy” and “A Downtown Tale” to let listeners know that he doesn’t only sing melodies with aplomb. 


An incredible single from Bottom Baby 2 exists in “Die Yung”. Swiss speaks on suicide thoughts in this seemingly drug-induced cadence that we cannot get over. This could be said to be characteristic of Yung Swiss’s trap style and the game needs more of it.


“Who you know… saucing like Xikwembu? Who you know… dripping like Xikwembu?” The Yung Nation general brings to life his alter ego - “Xikwembu.” This brings a confident end to #BB2 and Swiss can confidently say that he delivered a solid project to his fans. This project is fully deserving of 3.5 mics out-of 5.

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