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Zoocci Coke Dope - Die Dope

zoocci coke dope die dope.jpg


Zooccie blessed us with an EP that has a mantra he might just live to until he dies as a title.


Die Dope comes as The Dealer’s latest offering after He-Art as well as several ear-blasting features including KiD X’s Medicated and DJ Clen’s I Do


We’ve always known him to be one of the best producers in South Africa, but he has always proved himself as a well rounded musical artist and Die Dope is just an example of his cadence.


Zoocci started the project off with a Mexican vibe before he brings the bombs his fans know and love him for. Different is the kind of song you play while getting ready to go paint the city in all the colours of the rainbow. His confidence on the mic is one of the numerous things that make him such hot property in the game.


The most popular song from Die Dope is Demo and you immediately hear why as soon as it starts playing. Wavy tracks like that make you move your shoulders when you don’t even want to. Notable mentions are deserved for songs like Dope Interlude, and Savage but these don’t seem to take the shine away from Demo


Zoocci finally says goodbye to us on Adios Julia and he does so in the only way he knows how - with a banger.


All in all, Zoocci delivered a solid project that anyone who is sleeping needs to wake up to. Die Dope gets a 3 mics from us here at SNF.


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